Cases 26529 and 26559—Common Record Hearings on Health and Safety of 765 kV Transmission Lines, 1974–1978

In July, 1974 at the request of the staff of the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) I submitted written pre-filed testimony in a hearing involving the safety of high-voltage powerlines (Marino-1). The hearing was suspended fo a year, and in November, 1975, again at the request of the staff, I submitted an updated version of my pre-filed testimony (Marino-2).

I was cross-examined for 10 days by lawyers representing the power companies in New York (Marino-3, Marino-4, Marino-5, Marino-6, Marino-7, Marino-8, Marino-9, Marino-10, Marino-11, Marino-12). The power companies then served written pre-filed rebuttal testimony in which their experts attacked my testimony. In response, the PSC served the power companies with my written pre-filed rebuttal testimony in which I attacked the testimonies of their experts (Marino-13). I was cross-examined for 3 additional days (Marino-14, Marino-15, Marino-16).

After the testimony phase of the hearing was finished, lawyers for the power companies and for the staff of the PSC filed legal briefs in an attempt to persuade the Commission that their respective views of the evidence were correct. The brief of the staff of the PSC argued that powerline electromagnetic fields would affect human health, but I thought a stronger position was warranted. Consequently, representing myself, I submitted a legal brief in the summer of 1977 in which I summarized the scientific evidence and drew legal conclusions (Marino-16).

The lawyers for the power companies submitted a brief in which they attacked my brief. Consequently, in September, 1977 I submitted a reply brief which attacked their brief (Marino-17).

The PSC procedure allowed still another round of briefs, so in February, 1978 I submitted a brief on exceptions (Marino-18).

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