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Despite the successes of 20th-century science, many important problems remain unsolved. As examples, we do not know what causes cancer or other diseases, we cannot predict when heart attacks or strokes will occur, and we do not know how information regarding shape and appearance is stored or transmitted. It is becoming more clear that answers to these and other questions require a reformulation of our world view to include the existence of nonlinearity and, in particular, the occurrence of deterministic chaos. The purpose of this presentation is to describe the inherent limitations of the present scientific paradigm, and to indicate how some important scientific problems might be satisfactorily resolved by looking at the world in a nonlinear way. In my view, one such problem involves an understanding of the mechanistic basis by which environmental electromagnetic fields can give rise to health hazards. Resolution of the EMF hazards issue was used as a particular example of the power of biological nonlinearity to explain the meaning of bona fide data

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