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Andrew A. Marino, Ph.D.

Andrew A. Marino, PhD, JD
Professor (retired)
Department of Neurology
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Department of Anatomy and Cellular Biology
LSU Medical School, Shreveport, Louisiana

Becker the Researcher
Available at Amazon in the Spring of 2017

IN THE EARLY 1960s, DR. ROBERT BECKER, AN ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON WORKING AT THE VETERANS HOSPITAL AND UPSTATE MEDICAL CENTER IN SYRACUSE, NEW YORK developed the insight that we are electrical beings governed by electrical laws, and he published an important series of papers dealing with the role of natural electrical signals in the cybernetic system in the body that mediates growth and healing of nerves, muscles, and bones.

He also saw that natural and man-made electromagnetic energy (EE) could interact with the electrical regulatory system, and thereby profoundly alter the body. In 1968 he was the first scientist to give an evidence-based warning of the serious public-health consequences that could arise from uncontrolled use of our living space as a conduit for EE. He pointed out that electropollution induced currents in the body comparable in strength to those that mediated the body’s natural growth and regulatory systems.

Despite Dr. Becker’s warnings, man-made EE became progressively more prevalent in the general and workplace environments as a consequence of the development of the national electrical grid, increased use of radar, radio and television, and the proliferation of myriad kinds of EE-producing and consuming devices including computers, cell phones, WiFi, smart meters, and military weapons and communications systems. The tremendous expansion in society’s use of EMFs occurred in the absence of serious inquiry into their impact on the health of the population.

I spent the early years of my career working in his laboratory. Inflamed by what I had learned there I started my own laboratory, and for the next three decades I did experiments that followed a road which branched off of the main highway he had charted.

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